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Germ cyclone

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PX type germ cyclone is an ideal device to replace the germ floating tank in corn starch production and improve the recovery rate of starch and germ. It is mainly used to separate the germ after the corn is broken.

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In order to obtain the required efficiency, degermination is carried out in two stages, each stage consisting of two separation passes.

Working principle
The starch slurry containing cracked steeped corn and germ is fed tangentially into the first pass cyclone with sufficient velocity to create a vortex action forcing the slurry into a spiral. As the rapidly rotating flow spins about the axis of the cone, the lighter germ fraction is forced to spiral inward and out through a centrally located overflow outlet.

The heavier fraction (containing starch, hulls, uncracked kernels) is flung outward against the wall of the cone by the centrifugal force, and exits through the cone apex as underflow under pressure. The underflow is fed to the second pass cyclone to recover any germ that might not have been separated in the first pass. The first pass separates for optimum purity germ and the second pass increases germ recovery by capturing any germ that might have been bypassed in the first pass. The number of cyclones in each pass is determined by the feed flow to be handled. Degermination is repeated in a second stage after an intermediate secondary milling.

•Efficient separation - high germ separation efficiency
•High reliability - no moving parts ensures high reliability
•Easy maintenance - quick opening couplings enable quick replacement of individual cyclones
•Compact solution - small footprint resulting in low floor space requirement.

Technical Parameter


Single tube production capacity(t/h) 

Feed pressure(Mpa)





[680+(n-1).230] ]×555×178









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