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  • Tube bundle dryer

    Tube bundle dryer

    It can be widely used in the drying of loose materials in the chemical, light industry, food and food, feed and other industries. Such as powder, granules, flakes, materials that are not too sticky; such as white alcohol in the light industry, beer tanks; pig hair, bone powder (DE-bone glue) and pig blood fermentation powder in the meat industry; Granules; powdered fertilizers and inorganic minerals; corn germ, corn fiber (corn slag), protein powder, etc.; and feed industry carriers (bran, corn granules, soybean granules, etc.); Fish and shrimp wastes in the fishery industry and oil-seed rapeseed (non-seed) and so on.

  • Screw conveyor

    Screw conveyor

    Screw conveyors are widely used in various industrial sectors such as building materials, power, chemicals, metallurgy, coal, machinery, light industry, food and food industries.

  • Positive pressure filter

    Positive pressure filter

    Positive pressure filter  is used for separating and removing solid impurities from liquid. It features high production capacity, low moisture content of filter cake, little energy consumption, and no pollution. The whole filtration process is done automatically.

  • Sulfur dioxide absorption tower

    Sulfur dioxide absorption tower

    1. The spray type sulfur tower is easy to operate, and the produced sulfurous acid concentration is stable, which reduces the odor of so2 and reduces environmental pollution.
    2. The spray type sulfur tower is easy to repair and maintain. If the effect is good, there is no maintenance for almost one year. There is no glass fiber reinforced plastic fan or ceramic fan.
    3. The spray type sulfur tower has a good absorption of SO2. The absorption rate of SO2 is generally above 95%. The absorption rate of other sulfur towers is generally around 75%, which saves a lot of sulfur costs in one year.

  • Screw press dewatering machine

    Screw press dewatering machine

    It is widely used in chemical, light industry, food industry etc. Such as corn germ, corn fiber and potato residue dehydration in starch industry, etc., to conduct deep processing further, and improve the comprehensive utilization capacity. 

  • Double shaft mixer machine

    Double shaft mixer machine

    Double shaft mixer is widely applied in chemical, biological, and construction material. It can mix powder, granule, and fiber especially in battery, construction, environmental, mineral and agricultural line.

  • Pressure arc sieve

    Pressure arc sieve

    It can be widely used in various high-treatment wet material screening occasions, such as sieves. Separation and dehydration, washing and extraction, removal of solids and impurities, etc.

  • Air flash dryer

    Air flash dryer

    Pressure arc sieve is highly efficient fine sieve under certain pressure, applied in starch processing for multi-stage counter-current rinse, sieving and separation, dehydration and abstraction as well as elimination of solid-form substances and impurities.

  • Gravity arc sieve

    Gravity arc sieve

    This equipment has the characteristics of high output, good screening effect, safe and reliable operation, no caulking, long screen surface use, long equipment life, no moving parts, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and small footprint.

  • Filter cake crusher

    Filter cake crusher

    The material crushed by this equipment has the characteristics of uniform and loose particle size, and can be directly entered into the tube bundle dryer or air dryer for drying. The drying effect is good and the steam is saved. At the same time, the equipment has the advantages of simple structure and convenient maintenance, and is an ideal energy-saving crushing equipment.

  • Hammer mill

    Hammer mill

    SFSP series hammer mill is a new feed processing machine designed basing on the market demands, as well as the advanced technique we have introduced.

  • Needle impact mill

    Needle impact mill

    WZM series needle mill is a high-efficiency modern fine grinding equipment. It is widely used in starch processing and fruit juice processing fields such as corn, potato, beans, etc. It can also be used for fine grinding of dry materials such as starch and rice flour. Process, improve starch yield, and have significant economic benefits.

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