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Pressure arc sieve

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It can be widely used in various high-treatment wet material screening occasions, such as sieves. Separation and dehydration, washing and extraction, removal of solids and impurities, etc.

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Pressure curved sieve is one of the most advanced starch equipment at home and abroad. The pressure curved sieve is screened by multi-access counter current washing process, which can effectively improve the powder yield and starch quality, has significant economic benefits.

Echnical parameters

No. Item Single Unit Duplex
1 Screen surface arc angle 120° 120°
2 Screen surface width 50um/75um/100um/120um 50um/75um/100um/120um
3 Material handling capacity 42-57m³/h 85-115m³/h
4 Feed pressure 0.2-0.4Mpa 0.2-0.4Mpa
5 Screen width 585mm(710mm) 585*2mm(710*2mm)
6 Screen radius 762 mm 762mm

Pressure arc sieve is highly efficient fine sieve under certain pressure, applied in starch processing for multi-stage counter-current rinse, sieving and separation, dehydration and abstraction as well as elimination of solid-form substances and impurities.

It is widely used in corn starch processing plant.The equipment enables high rate of starch yield and improvement of starch quality and is an ideal new high quantity treating sieving and separating equipment for wet materials.

Pre-sale service
1. Introducing detail features and application of the products to customer.
2. Selecting economical and practical machines for customer.
3. Providing operation data of the related machine.
4. Providing means of trial performance for customer.
5. Flow chart and factory designing layout.

Sale service
1. Recommending engineering conditions required for installation of the machine.
2. Communicating the manufacturing progress of machines with customer in time.
3. Project planning and design services.

After-sale service
1. Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
2.Installation and commissioning of equipment until everything is functional.
3. One year warranty and Providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts.
4. Giving technical support to customer for developing new product.
5. Provide English Version of Installation/Operation/Service/Maintenance Manual.

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