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Tube bundle dryer

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It can be widely used in the drying of loose materials in the chemical, light industry, food and food, feed and other industries. Such as powder, granules, flakes, materials that are not too sticky; such as white alcohol in the light industry, beer tanks; pig hair, bone powder (DE-bone glue) and pig blood fermentation powder in the meat industry; Granules; powdered fertilizers and inorganic minerals; corn germ, corn fiber (corn slag), protein powder, etc.; and feed industry carriers (bran, corn granules, soybean granules, etc.); Fish and shrimp wastes in the fishery industry and oil-seed rapeseed (non-seed) and so on.

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This device is made of motor, reduction gears, draught fan, drying tube and shell body.

Working principle
Steam heat drying tube at first, material get into shell body, drying tube rotated by motor, meanwhile, stir fry and push materials, the wet steam will be discharged to outdoor by draught fan.

Equipment characteristic
1. Advantages: low steam consumption, low electricity consumption, wide range of  drying material, large output, large water evaporation, high moisture material  which can dry, high drying elasticity(adjust drying time on different quality of
material and requirement of water).
2. Purpose is fiber and germ drying.
3. Low heat consumption, big output and continuous production.
4. Wear parts of this machine is very few, convenient installation, cost of maintain is very few.

GZG series tube dryer technical Parameters

Common material type Water into the machine Out of hr machine Dry strength (evaporated㎏water/㎡hours) Energy consumption
Germ 55% 3-5% 2.5-3 3500-3800 (KJ / evaporated 1㎏water) (840-910KCal / evaporated 1㎏water) (equivalent to 1.45-1.5㎏standard saturated steam)
Corn fiber 60% 10-12% 4.80
Albumen powder 45% 12-13% 4.70
Potato fiber 65% 10-12% 4.80
Beer/wine trough 65% 10-12% 4.90
forage carrier 16% 6-8% 4.20
Rapeseed 60% 5-7% 4.50
Blood Fermentation powder bone meal 35% 10% 4.40
40% 10% 4.60
Fermented forage 40% 10% 4.50

GZG type dryer (pipe spacing plus large) absorbs the advantages of similar foreign products and has a certain degree of improvement. The machine has many advantages, mainly low heat consumption, wide range of dry materials, large output, large evaporation of water and drying of high moisture materials, large drying elasticity (depending on different materials, moisture requirements for drying) Time adjustment), continuous production ( high degree of automation), or batch production (suitable for special production processes), especially for adding corn fiber and corn gluten meal, the device will increase the distance between the central tubes of the heating tube, so that The viscous material can enter the middle of the tube bundle relatively easily; the material is dried in the closed cavity under negative pressure, the working environment is clean and pollution-free, and the noise is small. Because the machine has less additional equipment, the floor space is small.

Tube bundle dryer1


1.We choose high-quality materials,also have strict inspection procedures and professional testing equipment, to ensure the reliability of materials.


2.We use CNC drilling machine to process tube plate, scientifically control the space distance and the inner wall smoothness of tube plate hole, ensure the concentricity and tightness to reduce bearing wear.


3.Automatic submerged arc welding for the head and tube plate, weld no defects.


4.Automatic expansion tube technology to eliminate gas leakage.


5.High quality insulation materials are selected to maximize the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment.

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